Ear Piercing

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Our staff are trained to perform a professional piercing in a clean and comfortable environment, and provide you with coherent and easy to follow aftercare advide to ensure your new piercing heals properly.

We pierce from 12 months* – children under 16 need to have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Cartilage piercings available at the discretion of the piercing technician.

*our piercing technicians reserve the right to decline to pierce any individual, and will consider each case on an individual basis

Ear piercing Eleanor
Ear piercing Eleanor 2

Our Prices:

Ball Studs – $25 (3mm/4mm, gold/silver)

Claw Studs – $30 (gold)

Bezel Studs – $30 (gold/silver)

Cubic Zirconia Claw Studs – $40 (gold/silver)

Daisy Studs – $40 (gold/silver)

cost includes the pair of earrings, the service of the piercing, and a bottle of aftercare solution

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