Ear Piercing

Our team are trained to perform professional piercing in a clean and comfortable environment. We provide easy to follow aftercare advice to ensure your new piercing heals correctly. 

Cartilage piercings are available at the discretion of the Piercing Technician. 

We pierce from 12 months of age however anyone under the age of 16 years will need the consent of their legal guardian or parent.

Our Piercing Technicians reserve the right to decline any piercing.


Ball Studs (3mm/4mm, gold/silver) – $30

Claw Studs (gold) – $35

Bezel Studs (gold/silver) – $35

Cubic Zirconia Claw Studs (gold/silver) – $45

Daisy Studs (gold/silver) – $50 

Cost includes carrying out the piercing, the pair of selected earrings and a bottle of aftercare solution.

(prices are subject to change)

Ear piercing Eleanor
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